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4K Ultra HD | 5000 Lumens | Lens Shift Function | Compatible DLP Chip

Product Details

Casio has further strengthened its No. 1 position in the solid-state illumination (SSI) projector market with the release of a new lamp-free 4K Ultra HD model featuring5000 lumens brightness. Installation of a DLP chip enables to deploy advanced image-processing technologies with high-speed switching of more than 4 million DMD (digital micromirror devices) to project some 8.3 M pixels and achieve 4K Ultra HD resolution. This new 4K projector’s simultaneous realization of affordable pricing makes it suitable for widespread use in fields ranging from business to education and entertainment.

What is 4K Ultra HD?

A pixel count approximately four times that of Full HD equips the 4K Ultra HD projector to display a significantly larger volume of information in greater detail. This makes it an ideal tool for presentations making the most of 4K-compatible PC specifications. 

Advantages of 4K Ultra HD

The advance of the projection screen presentation into the 4K era will enhance the quality of visual communications remarkably across a broad range of fields.
Unprecedented At-a-Glance information sharing allows to project 4 times as many pixels as the formoer 1080p Full HD standard, it enables users to share high-volume information with large audiences on a 4 times larger screen.

Super Resolution

The projector uses super resolution processing of images/movies such as 1080p video to throw high-quality images/movies perfectly suited to4K Ultra HD panels.

Lens Shift Function

An optical correction function maintains clear resolution during adjustment of the projection (60% up down, 25% left or right).

High Brightness & Long Life

Solid state illumination achieves 5000 lumens high-brightness projection. It's long life of approximately 20,000 hours contributes significantly to reducing operating costs over time.

Casio is the finalist for InAVation 2018 for our XJ-L8300HN

These awards are internationally recognized and participated by AV professionals from around the world and are the only awards organizer that is powered by ISE and partnered with AVIXA. Casio is the finalist for Technology for Large Group Presentation (over 20 people) Casio — Large Venue Series Show your support by voting for Casio to win! It only take about 2-3 mins to vote.

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