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WXGA Real 3500 lumens


Ultra short-throw projector with built-in Educational Solutions Features

Educational Solutions

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Educational Solutions Features

Classes can be conducted smoothly and freely, with students deepening their understanding through active interaction among all the class members.


One Click Connection

One Click Connection

Just clicking on the One Click Connection (“OCC” hereinafter) icon set up for each classroom creates a wireless connection with the projector and initiates projection. The time and effort spent on activities such as establishing cable connections, switching inputs and making wireless settings are significantly reduced, so that classes can begin right away.

  • The C-Connection network projection app (Windows or Mac) required.
No cable connection required.
No wireless setting required.
No input content switching required.

Connection Setting on Browser

Connection Setting on Browser

Creation of the OCC file and the projector connection settings can be conducted on the IT manager’s web browser. This spares IT managers the trouble of constructing a network environment.

  • The C-Connection network projection app must be installed on every PC beforehand.

During Class

Moderator Function

Moderator Function

This function makes it possible to manage the projection operations of students’ PCs collectively by smartphone or tablet. The teacher can select any student’s PC from anywhere in the classroom and project the relevant contents onto the screen immediately. This is a practical way of enhancing teaching efficiency and increasing student participation through activities such as presentation of assignments. A maximum of 40 devices can be connected simultaneously including teacher’s devices.

  • The number of connectable devices depends on the user’s network environment.
  • The C-Connection network projection app (Windows /Mac /Chrome), or MirrorOp Presenter(Android /iOS) required.
For Presentation
For Presentation

When students click the OCC icon to indicate completion of a classroom assignment, their user name is displayed in a list on the teacher’s smart device screen. This makes it easy for the teacher to tell which students have completed the assignment and to select students to present their solutions while still circulating the room.

For Presentation
The teacher can also select the next student easily on a smart device without reconnecting with the student’s PC.
For Discussion
For Discussion
The ability to select the screens you want to show on the spot and project them immediately saves the time and effort required to consolidate materials on the teacher’s PC each time a new solution is presented.

The PC screens of up to four students can be projected simultaneously. This approach can be used to initiate vibrant discussions in which students compare the solutions offered by various class members, deepen their understanding of the issues, and discuss multiple opinions and assertions presented by their classmates.

PC/Projector Remote

PC/Projector Remote

Remote control of the PC and projector by smartphone or tablet enables teachers to project the screens they want to show from anywhere in the classroom. This enables them to coordinate their lessons directly with students’ input and needs.

PC Remote

Teachers can switch among teaching materials and turn pages while walking around the classroom, without returning to the podium each time.

  • Installation of the C-Connection network projection app in the PC and the MirrorOp Receiver app in the smartphone or tablet is required.

Projector Remote

Projector Remote

When a document camera, DVD player or other device is connected to the projector, remote switching among input terminals can be conducted as appropriate.

End of Class

Auto Projection OFF

Auto Projection OFF

Pressing the stop button on the C-Connection network projection app when the class ends removes the projected image from the screen while maintaining the network connection status. One Click Connection is all it takes to start the next class immediately. Because there is no need to turn the power ON/OFF before and after every class, preparation and tidying up are trouble free.

  • The C-Connection network projection app (Windows /Mac /Chrome), or MirrorOp Presenter(Android /iOS) required when using wireless connection.
  •  A new projection session can be started using the same signal within 20 minutes of Auto Projection OFF.
  • Wired use is also possible by plugging in and unplugging a cable.

Auto Power OFF After 20 Minutes

Auto Power OFF

After 20 minutes in the Auto Projection OFF mode, the projector’s main power supply is turned off automatically. This prevents it from being left on accidentally, and reduces the pressure on IT managers to confirm the projector status after school.

PC/Smart Device Projection Applications

Other ES Features

Auto Input Search

Auto Input Search

When the power is turned ON after the cable is connected, the projector searches for the input signal and initiates projection automatically.

Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer

The ability to display a large timer in the center of the screen comes in handy for various classroom activities, such as informing students of assignment and examination time limits.


Nine built-in templates comprising frequently used borders and grids are available for use in class. Original images can also be registered.

Built-in 9 Templates
Original image examples
Original image examples
Original image examples
Original image examples

Mirror Mode

Mirror Mode

Images can be rotated horizontally, a useful capability for studying movement and form.

A separately available wall mount solves the problem of installation incramped spaces. A comfortable projection environment is assured.



Large-screen projection from wall mount to screen



Brightness *1
3500 lumens
Display system
DLP® chip x 1, DLP® system
Display chip
WXGA 0.65 inches
1,024,000 (1280 dots × 800 dots)
Contrast ratio
20,000 : 1
Vertical / horizontal keystone correction
Vertical ±5° (manual), horizontal ±5° (manual)
Projection lens
Fixed zoom, manual focus, F=2.3 / f=4.2
Projected image size
50-110 inches
Projection distance 60-inch
0.13 m (0.4 ft)
Projection distance 100-inch
0.4 m (1.3 ft)
Projection distance Minimum projection distance
0.06 m (0.2 ft)
Light source (estimated life *2)
Laser & LED (up to 20,000 hours)
Color reproduction
Full color (up to 1.07 billion colors)
Scanning frequencies
Horizontal: 15-91 kHz, Vertical: 50-85 Hz
Computer input: Digital input terminal
HDMI type A × 2
Computer input: Analog input terminal
mini D-Sub 15 pin × 2
Computer input: Monitor out terminal
mini D-Sub 15 pin × 1
Video input: Analog signal
Component: 480i to 1080p
Composite: NTSC, PAL, PAL-N, PAL-M, PAL60, SECAM
Video input: Analog input terminal
Component: YCbCr/YPbPr (used for both analog computer input and component input), Analog video: Composite (RCA) × 1
Video input: Digital signal (HDMI)
480p to 1080p (Shared with HDMI Type A terminal)
Audio: Input
3.5 mm stereo mini jack × 2, RCA × 1 [R/L], 3.5 mm monaural mini jack (for Mic.) × 1 *3
Audio: Output
3.5 mm stereo mini jack × 1 (variable audio)
Audio: Speaker
16W × 1, monaural
Other terminals: USB host
USB 2.0 Type-A × 2 for USB memory. *4
Other terminals: USB power supply
DC 5V (Shared with USB host terminal)
Other terminals: USB function
USB 1.1 Micro-B × 1 *5
Other terminals: Control (Serial)
RS-232C (D-Sub 9pin) × 1
Other terminals: LAN
RJ-45 × 1
Wireless LAN support
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n *6 (requires separately available YW-41 wireless LAN adaptor)
Power requirements
AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Operating (default setting) (Light Output 7): 185W
Operating (minimum setting) (Light Output 1): 105W
Operating (Bright): 225W
Standby AC 100-120V Remote OFF/ON: 0.12W
Standby AC 220-240V Remote OFF/ON: 0.23W
Approximate dimensions (W × H × D)
338 × 153 × 333 mm (not including projections)
5.8 kg
Security compatibility
Kensington Compatible, Security Bar, Power On Password
Included accessories *7
Remote control, Power cord, Warranty card
    • *1 When “Bright” is selected for “Light Control Off mode”.
    • *2 Lifetime not guaranteed.
    • *3 Plug-in power type microphone are not supported.
    • *4 Commercially available USB memory, it does not guarantee the operation of all memory.
    • *5 For firmware update and logo data registration.
    • *6 With connection of wireless LAN adaptor to USB-A (Host) port.
    • *7 User’s manual and Network manual available for down loading on CASIO website after the products are launched.