Casio LampFree® business projectors offer the superior image quality, connectivity and features you need to impress your clients - yet use less power, have less downtime and never need a lamp or filter change, giving you a lower total cost of ownership far lower than comparable lamp-based projectors.

The key is our LampFree® hybrid light source technology which completely eliminates the need to purchase and install replacement lamps. Since the cost of lamps is normally high or as much as 50% total cost over the life of the projector, you get superior quality at a low lifetime cost.

Choose a Casio Signature or Pro projector if your primary need is installation in a conference or training room. Choose one of our Slim projectors if you plan to travel to make presentations.

With Casio's exclusive C Assist feature, available in select models, you can even show PowerPoint or video images from your smart phone or tablet–the ultimate in hassle-free presentations!

Some key points why Casio:

1. Lamp free Projection – Casio invention in 2010.
2. DLP Technology, industry superior technology
3. “Made in Japan” Premium Quality
4. Light source with 20,000 hours life expectancy
5. Instant On/ Off Technology - 8 secs
6. Unique Casio Dust resistant 3 stage filter construction
7. Temperature – Significant reduction in room temperature with Casio Projectors.
8. 5 year warranty